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Shirt Back and Sides specialise in custom made to order fancy back shirts and bespoke waistcoats. We are, as far as we are aware, the only place where your fabric can be chosen from anywhere in the world. This makes most of our garments unique.


Welcome to my blog.

This blog is written to give some insites into aspects of the attire and the garments we produce...

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By backandsides, Jan 24 2018 06:57PM

Brides… they pay hundreds of pounds for their dresses and almost as much on their bridesmaids’ dresses; they may only wear them for their special day.

Grooms have little choice: hire a suit or waistcoat for the day.

This does not have to be the case…

Grooms, on your big day all eyes are on the beauty of your bride and her dress and so they should be. However as things relax and the photos have been taken, meeting and greeting are all done, the meal and speeches are over:

Why not surprise your bride and guests, giving all a memory for years to come.

A fancy back shirt is a dress shirt or a formal evening shirt, smart and impeccably well-tailored, hidden while under a jacket, perfect for your special day. Once the formalities are over and the jacket is removed prepare for the attention to turn to the groom. The groom’s guaranteed WOW factor.

Our bespoke fancy back shirts can also be kept for future occasions, a nice reminder of your special day. We can help you choose a pattern from around the world to match your wedding theme, or one that shows your hobbies or interests. The Groom, Best man and Ushers can have matching patterns with back and sleeves, or just the back.

So, can you keep a secret until the reveal? This bespoke shirt cannot be seen until the jacket is removed!

Each shirt comes with a certificate of authenticity. SB&S dispatch the shirts by post, hand-packed and beautifully presented. The entire shirt ordering process can be completed by email. What a service!

Our shirts also make a perfect gift.

By backandsides, Aug 20 2017 09:18PM


I wanted to talk to you about fabric patterns, as SB&S as far as we are aware; we are the only people who give you unlimited choice on fabric patterns to back a shirt or front a waistcoat. We have patterns in our shop to give you an idea of the huge choice that is available across the world. With choices this vast, there is no way that we could list them all, let alone stock them. This is why we offer the personal shopper approach of searching for your perfect pattern for you. When you fill in the enquiry form the first thing we ask is what pattern are you looking for, i.e. Tractors, Planes, Horses, etc.…

We follow several suppliers who email out the latest patterns when they arrive or patterns for particular events, Halloween, Christmas etc.

The reason for this blog is to tell you that Facebook is where we post the latest patterns, so by following our Facebook page you will be able to see the latest patterns and up to date news. Only by following our page will you be able to take advantage of these latest patterns, because you never know when you will see that perfect pattern for your next event. These patterns are only shown on our page.

See you there. Don’t forget to say Hi.

By backandsides, Jul 16 2017 03:10PM

I took this following quote from an article I found some years ago which I kept because it inspires the strict expectations which black tie on the invite invokes.

I have read this article very carefully and at all black tie events the jacket is to remain worn until late, or in the case of the UK armed forces they are given permission to remove jackets.

As the wearer of one of our fancy back shirts no infringement to this dress code stated below has occurred. As the evening relaxes the venue warms up and conversation between guests become easier you tend to find jackets are removed, at this point everyone is still the same with their white shirts, except the wearer of the Fancy back shirt with his inspired patterned back and sleeves. All attention will be given to him it will get him noticed and will be a great conversation starter when approaching other guests. So what is stopping you? “Putting a bit of fun into formal”.

Quote from an article.

“Black Tie”, “Black Tie Required”


The appearance of Black Tie on an invitation indicates unequivocally that the host expects tuxedos to be worn. Black Tie required or Black Tie only means the same thing but can come across as heavy-handed. Hosts should avoid the latter unless they are certain that there will be guests too naïve or inconsiderate to infer the mandatory nature of the former.

There will likely be those few guests who will wrongly interpret Black Tie to simply mean "formal" and arrive in whatever they feel appropriately dressy. A gracious host will excuse the appearance of the uninformed among them, viewing the transgression as a valuable learning experience for these guests. As for the wilfully inconsiderate, the host’s congeniality need last only as long as the evening.


Wear proper black tie or send your regrets. It’s that simple.

Hosts and organizers do not specify this dress code because they want you showing up in a black suit. Rather, they have put a tremendous amount of effort into making the evening exceptional and are relying on you to respect the unique elegance and traditional uniformity that black tie so brilliantly imparts. Yet there always seem to be those men who feel the party is all about them and they can dress as they please. “Some guys,” observed The National Post, “especially younger fellows who feel they’re really successful, take pride in flouting dress codes and showing up in business suits, often not dark, and without a tie . . . Perhaps kids think it’s too much trouble to rent or buy a black tie. Grow up or don’t show up.”

By backandsides, May 2 2017 09:13PM

Cuff links are such a simple thing, a peg designed to hold your cuff together and yet they can say so much. Cufflinks essentially required with all Double cuff shirts which have no buttons, such as Formal wear, black tie and white tie, business shirts and with some stylish casual wear.

Cuff links a wrist watch and a pocket square may be the only personal styling in view while wearing Formal attire, so it is important to make your statement. With thousands of designs as the visible part of the cuff link is usually decorated or monogrammed to reflect your hobbies, association or maybe just inlayed with gemstones.

What design to choose? Do you go with the novelty cuff link that says whatever you want from “Best man” to “I want some”. Not the classiest of statements but never the less a statement. You may choose the novelty cuff link with a character, flag or object which has an association with you or your genre. This is a more stylish approach giving other guests an insight into your interests and an opening point in conversations when greeting other guests.

The designer cuff links made by many fashion houses can add style to your black tie attire without giving a statement, ideal for formal black tie events which have a more formal expectation. (See previous blog.) Traditionally it was considered important to match the metal of your cufflinks with other jewelry such as a wrist watch, shirt studs, belt buckles, tie bar or rings. Style experts prescribe gold to be worn during the daytime and silver for evening wear but neither expectation is considered as critical with the exception of the most formal black tie events.

Cuff links can take on more meaning when wearing a Fancy Back Shirt. A stylish Gent will round his outfit off with his accessory’s, so matching your cuff links with the pattern on your Fancy back shirt does just that, All SB&S. Fancy Back Shirts come with a pocket square made of the same patterned fabric to add a subtle insight before your jacket is removed.

After reading this, please have a look at our other blogs for more insights into Formal Fancy back shirts.

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