Shirt Back and Sides specialise in custom made to order fancy back shirts and bespoke waistcoats. We are, as far as we are aware, the only place where your fabric can be chosen from anywhere in the world. This makes most of our garments unique.

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Welcome to my blog.

This blog is written to give some insites into aspects of the attire and the garments we produce...

I hope you some interest what you read please follow us on social media and share this blog with all your friends...

Regards Mark.

By backandsides, May 2 2017 09:13PM

Cuff links are such a simple thing, a peg designed to hold your cuff together and yet they can say so much. Cufflinks essentially required with all Double cuff shirts which have no buttons, such as Formal wear, black tie and white tie, business shirts and with some stylish casual wear.

Cuff links a wrist watch and a pocket square may be the only personal styling in view while wearing Formal attire, so it is important to make your statement. With thousands of designs as the visible part of the cuff link is usually decorated or monogrammed to reflect your hobbies, association or maybe just inlayed with gemstones.

What design to choose? Do you go with the novelty cuff link that says whatever you want from “Best man” to “I want some”. Not the classiest of statements but never the less a statement. You may choose the novelty cuff link with a character, flag or object which has an association with you or your genre. This is a more stylish approach giving other guests an insight into your interests and an opening point in conversations when greeting other guests.

The designer cuff links made by many fashion houses can add style to your black tie attire without giving a statement, ideal for formal black tie events which have a more formal expectation. (See previous blog.) Traditionally it was considered important to match the metal of your cufflinks with other jewelry such as a wrist watch, shirt studs, belt buckles, tie bar or rings. Style experts prescribe gold to be worn during the daytime and silver for evening wear but neither expectation is considered as critical with the exception of the most formal black tie events.

Cuff links can take on more meaning when wearing a Fancy Back Shirt. A stylish Gent will round his outfit off with his accessory’s, so matching your cuff links with the pattern on your Fancy back shirt does just that, All SB&S. Fancy Back Shirts come with a pocket square made of the same patterned fabric to add a subtle insight before your jacket is removed.

After reading this, please have a look at our other blogs for more insights into Formal Fancy back shirts.

By backandsides, Mar 18 2016 08:43PM

We and many other attend Black Tie events, such as Balls, because we relish the opportunity to wear formal attire and to enjoy the expected fine dining.

Hosts and organizers do not specify a Black Tie dress code just because they want to; they stipulate it because they have put in a tremendous amount of effort into making an exceptional evening and rely on those invited to play their part in making it so. The traditional dress code that is Black Tie brilliantly encourages and imparts an ethos of sartorial elegance; some functions maintain a strict Black tie dress code, whereas others are a little more relaxed.

We are lucky enough to attend the Warrant Officers & Sergeants Mess at one of our local Royal Air Force bases which embraces a strict dress code. Military personnel must wear their No 5 Mess Dress uniform, whilst all non-military personnel must abide by the laid down dress code; which is black DJ suit, black cummerbund and white standard collar shirt with a black bow tie. At these functions it’s quite simple; if you are not willing to wear proper Black Tie attire then do not attend, as embarrassingly you will be refused entry.

We also attend charity events, balls & casino nights around the county where these have more relaxed rules. It will still be black DJ suit, white or black shirt with black bow tie. But at these events you can sometimes bend the dress code a little by giving your outfit the more personal touch; such as a feature bow tie and cummerbund or even a waist coat with or without design. Nothing adds more class to a waist coat than a quality pocket watch and chain.

If like us you regularly attend Black Tie functions then you will know that upon arrival all the male attendees will be dressed the same in traditional but very smart uniformity. As the evening moves on & the formality relaxes you may remove your jacket. At military functions jackets must not be removed until given permission by the Officer in charge or when he/she removes their own jacket

The Black Tie dress code states Black suit or Tuxedo, white shirt, bow tie. This is while the jacket is worn. There is an unseen area on all men, while jackets are worn. But as the evening relaxes and jackets are removed “only then” even at the most formal of black tie events can you bring some of your own style into play on this now revealed area.

Shirt Back & Sides make Bespoke Fancy back shirts, customised in such a way that no part of the patterned back and sleeves can be seen while wearing any jacket or mess uniform, that is until the jacket is removed, where upon for all to see amidst the sea of plain white shirts is the pattern back and sleeves inspired by you, expressing you, your hobbies, interests or just a pattern that looks great. The choice of patterns is vast so there is something for everyone. While wearing you unique Fancy Back shirt you will be dressed to impress and can easily become the centre of attention, it will turn heads, for lots of different reasons. Because people haven’t seen a Fancy back shirt before or because it is so unique they wish they had one… Speaking from my own experience your fancy back shirt will make opportunities to meet other guests and potential new friends, through there comments.

There are other fancy back shirts on the market but the vast majority are machine manufactured, on large runs and with a limited number of fabric designs. SB&S. offers you a bespoke cotton Fancy Back shirt with the pattern that you choose from anywhere on the internet, eBay is a good starting point. To date most all the shirts we have made are one off originals. Each shirt comes with its own authenticity certificate stating how many shirts have been made with that fabric design and no shirt will be made with the same fabric design as yours with in a 50 mile radius of you. So you should have no worries about going to a formal event only to find that someone else has the same SB&S Bespoke Fancy Back shirt as you.

So the question remains do you have the confidence to add your own style to Black tie attire without losing sartorial elegance.

If you do fill out the shirt enquiry form and let’s see what we can do you.

Regards Mark

By backandsides, Mar 1 2016 07:50PM

Hi my name is Mark, welcome to Shirt back & sides, this is my first blog and an introduction to myself and my staff.

I have set up this predominantly online business to fill a hole in the market. Formal black tie events are one place where every man can look the same; I offer a way to add your own unique style to your attire without losing the sartorial elegance that is black tie.

With the help of my 2 machinists we offer unique fancy back shirts and waistcoats. I have worked in this field for well over a year and decided it is time to offer something others do not, unique garments that you choose the pattern for. With a Fancy back or a fully fancied shirt when wearing a jacket to a black tie event it cannot be seen, but as the night relaxes and jackets are removed you will then get to show of your own chosen style. For the less formal black tie events where a waistcoat can be worn we offer these with Fancy fronts of your chosen pattern. Waistcoats are now a fashionable accessory and so can also be worn at any time not just for formal events, which is why we offer more than one style for you to choose from. If you fancy something very unique we can also custom make waistcoats to your specifications.

Both machinists worked for Belton shirts for many years until its closure making such labels as “Red or Dead” and “Warehouse”. Both are very competent and look for quality of workmanship in everything they do. Using twin needled machines for our shirts giving the best finish possible and with such experienced staff, I am confident that you will not find a better product on the market. All our shirts and waistcoats are sold with our unique bespoke packaging and a certificate of authenticity, making them a perfect gift.

It is always good to get recommendations. If you have interest in what we offer or know someone who does, please help spread the word…

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